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I'm Sid ,an so called engineer(with a bar on top),just resurrected this blog to share all the wonderful happenings around me!


Gaming is my ultimate passion.Proud owner of Xbox and Xbox 360 Consoles!

Exciting weekend at wonderla

Well people you have all the rights in the world to be angry at me for leaving this space unused for a long time and most of you might forgotten that i own a blog,but the truth is that countless events have happened since the last post in my life and i dunno what to mention and what not to.Any way can hear you guys saying cut the crap out...Coming to the point, it all started with sushma and divya planning for a weekend outing.On thinking which place to go all our our interest intersected at going to wonderla,an excellent theme park in the outskirts (really not believe me!)of Bangalore.Apparently Satya a.k.a Legolas (as he calls himself ;) )was planning to visit and he backed out.I had called my boys Mahesh,Vj,Raja,Sano,Sadesh to come from chennai and join us and they agreed.

On saturday moning only Mahesh,Vj,Oi,Sriram had come and others have absconded.Vj went to his sis house dicrectly and others came to our home.After an hour of playing cricket ,we got ready and started to the theme park.We travelled to Chemfort and were joined by Sushma and divya (yaseen also backed out worst fellow!).The worst thing about going wonderla is the travelling.We travelled to KR Market from there and had to wait for an hour to Wonderla.The waiting was killing us,but the weather was mild and hence was a bit of help.Finally at 12.15 we got a direct bus and it took a solid 1.15 hrs from Kr market. We reached the place at about 1.30 after three hours of travelling.

The ticket costed Rs 595 for all the rides,but we managed to use our expired College ID cards to get Rs.150 off claiming ourseleves to be students.They saw the expiry date to be 2008 and questioned us,but we argued claiming we had a lot of arrears and had to renew the card for the current year(they fell for it lol!). After getting the entry passes ,we were given pamplets which included info about all the rides available.We Visited all the rides that were marked as "High Thrill". To simply put,these were some of the most fightning ones i have ever been on.Mixer,Insanity were awesome and we had so mush fun.

By the time we had finished the Land rides it was about 4.30 PM and in half hour the "Wave pool" would start.So we had a quick snack and stared out to have some quality time in water.The wave pool was awesome and was unique.Unlike the other wave pools in black thunder, waves here really rose to about 7 feet.We were swept away many times and had to hold onto one another in order to maintain balance.On the whole the the wave pool was very cool and so hot(if you know what i mean lol..). There were also many water related rides such as small and big twister which were equally cool.

At about 6.30 we got out of the water and got changed. Had a nice coffee to combat the cold and boarded bus right from the park's gate.The gals departed at KR Market and we stopped for a good dinner.The day went really great and we had great fun!

Next morning we woke up a bit late.Our only agenda today was Harry Potter and the half blood prince. I had booked tickets for it few days back at PVR .As a gang we went to the Forum mall and enjoyed the movie.Balu had to sit out ,because hadn't booked for him as he had no plans of coming.After the movie got over oi,sriram,mahesh,vj went to Total mall for some purchase while Me,Guhan and Balu went home.The weekend was fun and was quite exciting.Hoping to get more of these week outing in the future.

Unexpected Glory :)

First of all sorry guys,its been almost a year since i have posted any content and you may well have forgotten about the existence of this blog,to be honest ,even i did. Recently while i was accounting the number of blogs that i possessed ,i bumped on this one and opened the URL to see if it was still alive. To my surprise it was still there and this is the only one which is not affected by any of the sponsored content. Great! I thought this blog deserved more and hence purchased a domain name for this blahblahblah....

Anyway back to the topic: It was exactly a week before while i was playing FIFA 08 on my console, i got a call from Mahesh stating that "we have to goto college on Tuesday (16/9/08)" ,which was the same day as the Kudi b'day( happy b'day da! Nurandu Valgazha!). I was quite puzzled to hear about it and thought "why the hell should i be back in that dungeon ?". On inquiring he said that "our project have been selected by TCS as the Best Student project and they are going to felicitate us ". I was shocked for a moment and i started laughing so hard that i dropped the joystick ,it fell down and broke. That wasn't my concern now , i had more serious things to laugh about than the joystick :). He told that we need to be there at the college the following day and told to catch the route bus. Kudi called after sometime and asked to join with the gang at the MGM on his b'day ,but i had to say no due to the college event. The next day arrived and i woke up with a lot of confusion , thoughts like " is it really us?, What if its not? anga poe asinga padanuma? " started popping up and i was quite hesitant to go.

My mom insisted me on going so got ready soon and boarded the bus. I was quite shocked to see that the bus was running full and they have let out 2 buses for liberty and 2 for West Mambalam( instead of 5-lights i suppose) and all were jam packed. Since the first years had just joined in ,boys were made to sit in front as usual(itha vidamattanga da ivanga!). Fortunately i got a seat and was happy to talk with my bus juniors and were inquiring them about the placements. The reason for this crowd is due to the fact that from the current year , Sairam Institute of Technology(SIT) has been opened and was running at full strength. The bus traveled for a hour on the rough Kishkinta roads which has not been still laid(just a layer of gravel and sand) , raising a lot of dust particles that covered the face. When the other people in the bus put down their head, na slight ta doubt aana. Hmmmm... finally reached the campus with the similar checking routine by Mr.X and was waiting for Mahesh and Raga in the couch.

At about 9.15 they both came and we three went and had tiffin at the famous Sai Cafeteria. More surprise were in our way as we found the the whole place neatly tiled. hoping that the quality of the food would have improved , we ordered three dosa , but soon realized that somethings never change! The juniors were equally excited to see us and were congratulating us for our work. Its when i thought " appa appo namba thana!" . While asking about the SIT , juniors said that they have opened a Coffee shop and a Chat spot there. What the hell? in these four years i have not eaten anything good except the rotten puffs (yuck!)... and that college is just behind the Men's hostel. Later we three went to the CSE staff room(which is in the new building btw) and met Jagan Sir and Bama mam. We had a nice half hour chat with them and then returned to the auditorium.

The audi packed full as the whole of the 4th year set had been called for, and at about 11.20 AM the chief guest Mr.Pattabiraman and Mr.Ganesan (VP- HR, TCS) came. In addition our HOD and the new principal(dunno what happened to our old principal)and the dean were also there. Fortunately all of them spoke little including Mahesh who spoke about our project , and within a hour or so the function was over and we were given medal and RS.5000 for each of the project member.Here is a sneak peak of the medal(click pic to enlarge)....

After the Auditorium function ,we called Rajesh(Rice our savior) and told him the whole story. To our surprise he was quite happy because he wanted the project to get a prize, though it did not happen in his hands, it did in ours(samma bitu la). Then we spent time at Mam's office which has been relocated to the new block. It covers the whole of the fourth floor and is very huge.It has been divided into several sections such as dining, VIP lounge and so on. After few hours at our lab , which by the way has become quite strict with staff monitoring student's every move with the help of a remote computer.If you browse the net they first send a warning ,if you persist, they can shutdown your comp remotely...bull shit!glad i'm out of here , we boarded the bus and returned back home. Though it was a one day event, it stired up some memories so wanted to share with you people.

What men want? my favorite Vid!

I was watching Seinfeld episodes and stumbled upon one of the episodes which says what men exactly wants.The words that Jerry Seinfeld spoke was quite interesting and true.This is just an 2 min video that exactly says what men desire in life.So just wanted all the men out there to see and realize what you desire.

It's good to be "famous" ,for once!

Many of you know that I'm writing sponsored content on my techie blog,and for the first time in my life i have been brought into the limelight because of it.As an teenager i(in fact i can include "we") was desperate to earn something out of the internet.It all started a couple of months ago,when me,magi,raja,vj was introduced into the world of sponsored blogging by Rama.Since then my rusted paypal account(i started mine an year ago in view of getting money from adsense but in vain)has been repainted with a few $$ and was seeing some traffic($$).Payperpost (PPP)was the one which provided me the greater income than any other sites and this became an new hobby of mine.As the time passed more people were dragged into this and it reached a point where we started to outsource sponsored post with an 50-50 share there by creating an Win-Win situation for both the sides.

On a fine Wednesday evening i used the plug in that Rama had given me,and was showing some Youtube videos to my school friends.Never have i dreamt that, in a few minutes a post is waiting to get me fame.I was enjoying the "Baby laughing at Wii" video and suddenly heard my plug in shouting(i had opted out one of the options in plug in so video continued to play instead of the page being opened).I neglected the sound and continued to enjoy the video,but my friend distracted by the sound inquired about it and asked me what the sound was.I opened the page to explain him and whaaahhhaa ,to my surprise there was an post with a value of $50.I was shocked(never have i written a post exceeding $10 before this)and within few seconds i reserved it.I was greatly excited and wrote the post with at most care and dedication by checking each and every word for more than three times and made sure that nothing could go wrong.Some days later the post got approved and i thought it that everything has ended,but to my surprise it was just an beginning....

On August 30th i received a mail from the Britt who was a member of PPP crew.The mail stated the following ...
I was speechless for some time and then quickly responded to the mail ,stating what i was going to do with the earnings.The stipulated day was just four day wait but it was like a month long for me.In between many things happened such as re-valuation results,unit tests and much more..but nothing mattered to me at this point.At last the dawn of Tuesday(sep 4th) installed new hopes in me and around 8.30 PM(abt 11 AM for them) there were three post at PPP blog out of which two were some one's exclusive interview and the other post stated "Congrats to those 1K Tuesdays posties".On seeing this my eyes bulged out and i was searching for my name among others.I had searched almost upto the end and was about to give up, the review that was posted at the last sounded quite familiar.Yup it was my feedback that was posted (one i replied in the mail) and i was happy.Soon magi came online and i shared the joy with him and he read the post and was happy for me.The best thing that came out of this apart from money was the that linkback,as a result more people have visited my blog since the post.Its a great way to improve the blog ranking!All together the feel was great and it does feels great to be "noticed"!

Bikes-My "virtual" obsession!

Bikes have always amused me in many ways,especially after the introduction of these Alloy wheels,digital speedometer and stuffs,i became crazy about them.It all started when my friend Deepak purchased an "Pulsar" during the third year of college, my violent desire toward bikes increased as i saw him fly on his new bike with his lovely girlfriend(actually athu na sight adicha ponnu, avan correct pannittan) and i was like " Namakkum oru kalam varum" . Days passed and all these incidents forced me to talk to my mother.....

Scenario 1

me(gently,softly): Amma ennakku oru bike vennum!

mom(again gently ,softly): Un bike ku enna aachu chellam?

me(anger level 1):Atha la oru bike nu sollatha...athu thagara dabba!

mom(cooly): unakku athu porum, nee college ku bikla pola la , apporum ethuku puthu bike?

me(anger level 3): athukaga intha bika vechuka mudiuma....oru figure ithula yerathu!!!!!!

mom(stubborn): figure ka ga la bike vanga mudiyathu!!!!!!!!

I was very irritated and next few days went without any words spoken between me and my mom.Third year gracefully passed by like a wind and still i was stuck up with this crap,actually even worse ....two indicators were blinded and the clutch was broke ..I was least bothered and continue to ride it without repairing it.

After a long gap from the previous conversation the bike matter once again resurrected when i saw my cousin getting one, that fu**** wanted to annoy me,so he came home and offered me a drive...i could see a grim smile on his face as he handed over the key(we were not in good terms).....I went out.... the bike was sparkling in the sunlight.... it was an CBZ EXTREME .... and the best part was that it was painted in black(which according to me is the sexiest color in the world)....i just laid a hand on the smooth seat and felt an sudden rush of blood , all the feelings that i have burried inside my heart for an year is about to explode.I decided that its high time i get a bike...and again approached my mom.My mom knew what i was gonna ask and had an plan of her own,which i fell into.......

Scenario 2:

me(very serious): amma enakku kandipa vandi vennum!

mom(without a slightest hesitation): sari vangiko!

me(taken aback) : enna?

mom(cooly): vankiko da but wait till june(just one month away so i waited)!

My 'thatha' had previously told that he would give me money to get a bike,but only on moms permission.Now that i got her permission ,my 'thatha' gave me a sum of 'sixty thousand' and odd
for my bike.Few weeks passed by and i was very happy that the "day" will come,little have i known about the master plan that has been laid wide open......and it was the month of june....

Scenario 2 (continued)...

me(happily): amma ,17 th nalla naal ma,poi bike vangallama?

mom: vangallam, intha itha firstu padi!!

She handed over some circular , i could make out that it had come from the college, i opened it and had a shock of a lifetime,This was the starting of the fourth year and just then i remembered that it was "FEES TIME" !!!!!!!!!!!The circular read that "Sum of sixty seven thousand and odd" to be paid on or before june 25th!

mom(again vry cool) : you have two options chellam....I don have money to pay your fees,either pay it with what 'thatha' gave you or if you feel getting the bike is more important do the same!she left the room with a gentle kiss on my forehead!

me(in terror state,frozen) : ???????(words never came out of my mouth)

The whole story ran inside my mind and now i understood why i was asked to wait till June,then i realized this was all a master plan and i have fallen into the spiders web! Without any choice i was forced to give up the only source of money i had to invest on my dream!

One month passed and still thoughtful about my obsession, i approached my sis...who was my only hope now.soon after, she immediately contacted mom and made her accept.Now i was confident that i have my sis on my side.Little i have known that an third scenario would come up......

Scenario 3

By this time the topic has become so common between us,so this time she spoke the first words....

mom: kandipa bike venuma?

Me: ammam!

mom: eppo un GRE?

me: october 15!

mom : suppose you get through your GRE with a decent mark(me and she knows that its highly improbable but just in case) and you decide to do MS, then whats the use of getting a new bike for just a period of six months or so?

For the first time i felt that her reason for not getting a bike was acceptable. So its all up to me now , i have two choices... 1. Go for GRE and forget about my dream of having my own bike in " college life" 2. Forget GRE and go for a bike . So October 15 will be my "judgment day"!! :)

I was pulled here!

Hi chumps,at last i'm too pulled into writing general post.This is quite an different experience for me since i use to address on technical issues on my techie blog.Before starting this blog i spent a lot of time thinking why i should do this, simple answer i found was the popularity it gets.It is a great feeling when people(friends) visit the blog and comments on the topic which never occurs (very very rare ,about 1% probability) on techie blogs where only the contents matters and you have to regularly blog on daily issues which is very difficult to cope up ,and you need to spend a lot of time on searching and compilation.Other reason that made me start this blog was ,my previous blog was contaminated with the love for money ,and i was forced to write on selected topics which gives me $$$(many here are doing this,and they too know how it feels).So quality of my previous blog went down the drain and probably never can i get it back again :( . I wanted to start this as a fresh and pure blog ,free from money contamination.So today(saturday-day the results came:) ) marks the opening of a new world of blogging for me,and hope you ppl will be there to support me on every stage!